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Medical Transcriptions
  • Record in 3 selectable audio file formats: Core Audio, WAVE, or MP3 in varying quality for each
  • Powerful voice macros so you don't have to keep repeating commonly spoken items
  • Visual representation of the recording for easy editing
  • Insert into the middle of the recording
  • Scan recording while playing using the play slider
  • Cut any section in the middle of a recording using the cut sliders
  • Microphone sensitivity slider control
  • Rewind 5 seconds button for easy review of what was just said
  • Recording while sleeping
  • Use with the iPhone upside down to speak directly into the mic
  • Use with multiple microphones including iPhone ear buds, Bluetooth, microphone enabled iPod Touch
  • Designed by a practicing Orthopedic surgeon
  • Implemented and supported by an experienced Electronic Medical Records company

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